Kyle name means strait or narrow

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Elizabeth name means oath of God

Elizabeth Local Origin of Name: English From the Hebrew name Elizabeth Meaning: (Elisheva), ‘Oath of God’ or ‘God is my oath’ Exodus 6:23 Emotional Spectrum • ‘Bounce...
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Bella name means oath of God

    Local Origin of Name: English From the Hebrew name Elizabeth Meaning:(Elisheva), ‘Oath of God’ or ‘God is my oath’ Exodus 6:23 Emotional Spectrum .Her happiest...
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Mackenzie name means Son of the wise leader

Mackenzie Local Origin of Name: Irish From the Gaelic name Mackenzie Variant name of : , Mckenzie, Mack, Mac Mackenzie was the 64th most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007. This...
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Avery name means peaceful

Fred Local Origin  of  Name:  English From the Middle  English  name  Frederick Variant name of :  Frederick,Fico, Averie, Fred, Alfred, Avery is a given name taken from Avery, an English surname...
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Lalia name means dark as night

Laila Local Origin ‚ of ‚ Name: ‚ English From the Arabic name ‚ Leila, Leyla,Lyla Meaning:   ‘Dark as night’ or ‚ ‘born at night’ Emotional Spectrum .A swirl...
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Allison name means Noble one

  Allison Local Origin of Name: English, German. From the Middle English name Adelaide Variant name of : , Alison, Allyson(Little Alice). Nick name: Ali, Alley, Alli, Allie, Ally, Aly, Alys...
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Oleta name means winged one

Oleta Local Origin of Name: English From the Old English Meaning: Winged one Emotional Spectrum • Not confrontational, prefers to accommodate. Personal Integrity • Her reputation is beyond reproach....
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Alera name means Eagle in Latin

Alera Local Origin of Name: Latin From the name Alera Meaning: Eagle Emotional Spectrum • You can’t keep her down for long! Personal Integrity • Her integrity is her most precious possession....
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Aldonza name means good natured

Aldonza Local Origin of Name: Spanish From the name Aldonza Meaning: Good Natured Emotional Spectrum . Sometimes silly but never foolish! Personal Integrity...
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