Helen name means light

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Alyssa name means nobility

Ada Local Origin of Name: Czech From the Middle English name Adelaide Variant name of : Alyssa, Adelheidis, Adalyn, Alice, Alicia Meaning: (Adelheidis), Nobility. Emotional Spectrum . Under that...
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Hartsman name means strong man

  Hartman HARTMAN was a baptismal name ‘the son of Hartmund’. The name is of German origin, meaning ‘the strong man’. Early records of the name in England mention Herteman...
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Hariman name means protective

Hariman Local Origin of Name: Harriman From the name Hariman India Girl’s first name. Harriman or Hariman (variant Herriman) is a surname derived from the given name Herman, and in turn occurs as...
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Hardy name means Courageous or Bold

Hardy Local Origin of Name: English From the English name Hardy Hardy is famous Last Name. Hardy is First male name in India. Meaning: Courageous. or Hard Working or bold Emotional Spectrum •...
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Hans name means God is gracious

Hans Local Origin of Name: German From the Hebrew name John Meaning: (Yochanan), ‘God has been gracious’ Emotional Spectrum • A calm exterior, and yet… Personal Integrity • The...
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Hamlet name means village or home

Hamlet Local Origin of Name: English From the Old Norse name Hamlet Varinat name of : Hammet, Hammett, Hammond, Hamnet Meaning: Village or Home Emotional Spectrum • Under that exterior beats a...
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Santanu name means auspicious form

Santanu Local Origin of Name: Hindu From the name Santanu Meaning: Auspicious form Emotional Spectrum • Up front and honest Personal Integrity • The stuff that Presidents are made of… Personality...
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Hackett name means little hacker

  Hackett The surname Hackett, which came to Ireland with the Anglo-Normans towards the close of the 12th century, is of Scandinavian origin, deriving from the Old Norse ‘Haki’ and...
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Gunnel name means battle maiden

Gunnel Local Origin of Name: German From the name Gunnel/Gunilla Variant name of : Gunhilde, Gunilda, Gunilla, Gunna, Gunnel, Gunnhilda Meaning: Battle Maiden Emotional Spectrum • Peaceful on the...
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