Ruelle name means famous wolf

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Ruby name means red in English

Ruby Local Origin of Name: English From the Latin name Ruby Variant name of : Rubee, Rubena, Rubetta, Rubey, Rubi, Rubia, Rubianne, Rubie, Rubina, Rubinia ,Rubyna. Meaning: ‘Red’ The...
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Royce name means king’s son

Local Origin of Name: English From the English name Royce Meaning: Middle English, ‘Fame-kind’, or Old English, ‘King’s son’ Emotional Spectrum • Sometimes down, but never...
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Roy name means king or red

Roy Local Origin  of Name: English From  the French name Roy Meaning:     ‘King’ or Gaelic meaning ‘Red’ Emotional Spectrum.  Somewhat  headstrong, he must guard against...
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Roselyn name means beautiful rose

Roselyn Local Origin of Name: English From the Created name Rosalind Variant name of Roselin, Roseline, Roselinn, Roslyn, Roslynn, Roslynne. Meaning: Latin ‘rosa linda’ (‘pretty rose’)...
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Roxane name means dawn in Greek

Roxane Local Origin of Name: Greek From the Persian name Roxana, Roxanne Meaning: ‘Dawn’ Emotional Spectrum • It’s more fun to be happy than sad is her credo. Personal Integrity...
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Roman name means from Rome

  Roman,Romano, Romain, Romanus Local Origin of Name: French From the name Roman Meaning: From Rome or Glorious Emotional Spectrum .Doesn’t hide emotions well. Personal Integrity .He...
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Roland name means famous land

Local Origin of Name: English From the Middle English name Roland, , Lorand, Lorant  Meaning:‘Famous land’ Emotional Spectrum .Not known to express his emotions openly. Personal Integrity .A...
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Rodell name means famous ruler

Rodell, Rodel, Local Origin of Name: French From the name Rodell Meaning: Famous ruler Emotional Spectrum • Somewhat a rebel, he must control his impulses. Personal Integrity • Moral backbone...
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Roch name means rest in French

Roch Local Origin of Name: French From the name Roch Meaning:   Rest Emotional Spectrum .Even tempered, most of the time! Personal Integrity .She conforms to higher standards  than most! Personality .This...
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