Senet name means wise in French

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Sebastian name means venerable or revered

    Sebastian Local Origin  of  Name:  English, Greek From the Latin  name  Sebastian Meaning: ‘Man  from Sebastia’, a city  in Asia  Minor, Venerable Emotional Spectrum...
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Searle name means warrior

Searle This name was derived from the Old English word SEARU, meaning a warrior, one who was a man of arms, a knight or soldier. Occupational surnames originally denoted the actual occupation followed...
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Searlas name means Manly

Searlas Local Origin of Name: Irish From the name Searlas Meaning: Manly Emotional Spectrum • A sensible person with sensible emotions. Personal Integrity • Friends know that Searlas can keep a...
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Searlait name means tiny and womanly

Searlait Local Origin of Name: French From the name Searlait Meaning: Tiny and womanly Emotional Spectrum • Her emotions get the best of her sometimes! Personal Integrity • Her reputation for...
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Saville name means from the willow farm

Saville Local Origin of Name: French From the name Saville Meaning: From th willow farm Emotional Spectrum • A storm of emotions in a calm exterior. Personal Integrity • A solid family background...
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Saul name means asked for or requested by God

Saul Local Origin of Name: English From the Hebrew name Shaul Meaning: ‘Asked-for’ or ‘requested of God’ 1 Samuel 9:2 Emotional Spectrum • His emotions get the best of him sometimes!...
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Field name means from the field

Field, , Fielding Local Origin of Name: English From the Old English name Field Meaning: ‘From the field’ Emotional Spectrum • A sensible person with sensible emotions. Personal Integrity...
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Sargent name means a square or military officer

Local Origin of Name: English/ French From the English name Sargent, Sergent Meaning: A legal officer / A Square Emotional Spectrum • It’s more fun to be happy than sad is his credo. Personal...
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Samuel name means God has heard

Samuel Local Origin of Name: English From the Hebrew name Samuel Meaning: (Shmuel), ‘His name is God’ or ‘God has heard’ 1 Samuel...
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